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HEMTT M1120 LHS with Pallet

HEMTT M1120 LHS with Pallet

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The HEMTT Load Handling System (LHS) consists of a standard HEMTT (M977/M978 or M985 chassis) prime mover (8 x 8 foot configuration) equipped with an integral load-handing system providing self-load/unload capability and capable of transporting an 11-ton payload. LHS carries equipment/ammunition/supply loads on demountable “flatrack” cargo beds and is able to tow an 11-ton payload trailer also capable of carrying flatracks. The containerized roll-in/out platform (CROP), an A-frame type flatrack that fits inside a 20-foot International Standards Organization container, gives the HEMTT LHS added cargo carrying capability. Flatracks and CROPs are interchangeable between HEMTT LHS and the Palletized Load System.


About the Batisbricks 's HEMTT 1120 LHS kit:

Includes 1 HEMTT M1120 LHS, 1 pallet and 1container & 1 soldier.

Printed instruction.


Estimate shipping schedule: 3-4days to ship.

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