The M997A2 is based on the chassis of the standard Humvee. The vehicle is designed and manufactured by the American Defence Company AM General. The M997A2 is used as ambulance for the battlefield. The M997A2 replaced the M997 HMMWV variant. The M997A2 can carry four litter or eight ambulatory patients. These vehicles provide mobility for emergency situations and a quick link between battlefield casualties and emergency services not readily available on the front lines of battle. The vehicle is in service in the U.S. Army since April 2, 1985.

BATISBRICKS 's M997A2 designed by Antony Tam and this is Special version in limit supply.

The Kit includes Unassembled M997A2 Humvee HMMWV Ambulance, 2 Medic and 1 wounded Soldier. Red cross Label and Printed instruction provided. 

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