About the M1114 UAH

The M1114 UAH (Up-Armored Humvee) was a purpose-built version of the Humvee family line intended to provide better protection for crew and systems alike. Based on the successes of the up-armored M1109 HMMWV vehicle, the M1114 featured a revised armor allocation with protection from various points across the base HMMWV design. The M1109 was debuted in May of 1994 and saw action in Somalia, Haiti and Bosnia. The M1114 was designed at built to fulfill a US Army request for a similar purpose-built vehicle based on the M1113 ECH Humvee model. AM General provided the basic Humvee frame while armor allocation was handled by the experts at O'Gara-Hess Eisenhardt. The prototype emerged as the XM1114.


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