The Amphibious Assault Vehicle, usually known as the AAV7 was once called LVTP7 by the US Marine Corps and other users. It is a bulky amphibious tracked vehicle intended to land troops on open beaches so it has to be seaworthy and is thus scaled accordingly.

   Intended as a replacement for the LVTP5 series the LVTP7 prototype appeared in 1967 with production commencing during 1970-1971. In 1985 it was renamed the AAV7. By the time production has ceased over 1 500 had been produced not only for the US Marines but also for seven export customers, including Argentina, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, Spain and Thailand.

About the model: ( EAAK kit not included)

The AAV kit includes 1 AAV in Dark bluish gray color, 1minifigs, 1 M4 from Brickarms.
The AAV have the functional suspension, 
roatable weapon turret & 4 openable doors.

Each AAV can carry 8-10 minifig and their weapons, you can buy the EAAK armor kit for 
your AAV so it can against the attack from the RPG or heavy machine guns.

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