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Saber-Toothed Tiger Tactical Armor Vehicle

Saber-Toothed Tiger Tactical Armor Vehicle

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Saber-toothed tiger armored vehicle

The saber-toothed tiger armored vehicle is a
special vehicle modified based on the Ford F-550
reinforced 4×4 off-road military chassis.
It is 6.7 meters long, 2.36 meters wide, 3 meters high,
and has a full load of 6.8 tons. It uses a V10 engine with
very high power. Adopt rear twin tire design, high-speed four-wheel drive,
suitable for various road conditions. The car has a maximum speed of 130
kilometers per hour, automatic transmission, and the vehicle is equipped
with search lights, tear gas cannons, lifting lights, sonic diffusers,
electric winches and other devices, all-round infrared camera system,
and the car can accommodate 10 special people The soldiers can shoot at
the moving target at any angle in a short time. It is a non-lethal
anti-riot weapon used for anti-riot and anti-terrorism.
It can quickly disperse the crowd without harming the people.
"The tire is equipped with a tire breaker, which can continue to travel
80 kilometers after a flat tire. The appearance adopts the appearance design of products with independent
knowledge. The six sides of the body are made of imported bulletproof
materials and are designed with an overlapping bulletproof structure
to ensure the protective performance of the car. The car has passed
the bulletproof test of the national testing structure at one time,
and the bulletproof performance of the whole vehicle meets the
requirements of GA668-2006 B of the Ministry of Public Security.
Class or Class C ballistic protection requirements.
The unique design of the 5 doors ensures that the team members get
on and off the vehicle quickly. This kind of vehicle is used in the military, armed police,
public security, border defense and other departments to carry out
tasks such as anti-terrorism and stability maintenance, border patrol,
anti-drug arrest and other tasks.




外型採用具有自主知識產品的外觀設計。車身六面採用進口防彈材料製作並採用重疊式的防彈結構設計,以確保該車的防護性能,該車已一次性通過國家級檢測結構的防彈檢測,整車防彈性能滿足公安部GA668-2006 B級或C級防彈要求。5個車門的獨特設計,確保隊員快速上下車輛。


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